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ISBN 9781393383505

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A Who’s Who of Tudor Women contains over 2300 mini-biographies of women who lived at least part of their lives between 1485 and 1603. Entries are arranged alphabetically by the maiden name of the subject or by married surname if her birth name is unknown. Each entry is cross-referenced by married surnames. Also included are a list of “Titles Used in Tudor Times” and “Lists of Women at the Tudor Court.”

This volume is not meant to be scholarly or all-inclusive. It was written to help identify women who lived during the Tudor era (1485-1603). The information in the entries has been accumulated primarily from a footnote here and a paragraph there in histories and in biographies dealing with better known people and events. No complete bibliography is possible, nor was it possible to give a specific source for every single detail in every single entry. Some details have multiple sources. Some come from undocumented sources. Some I found forty years ago and neglected to make a note of my source at that time. I also include information from sources that do not always say where their facts originated—online genealogies, family discussion groups and the like. Then again, some so-called scholarly tomes also fail to attribute information and, with appalling frequency, make careless mistakes when referring to minor historical figures.